Hypnosis Weight Loss – The Problems With Goal Setting

You are reading this because you are overweight. You have attempted to lose weight before. You have probably tried to lose weight many times before. You have wondered why other people can lose weight so easily, and manage to keep it off permanently. Why can’t you do this?

You can undoubtedly struggle and fight the rest of your life to keep your weight down. You can forever jump from one best weight loss diet, to another quick weight loss diet, always looking for the next can’t miss miracle best weight loss pills, or the next best weight loss program.

You can keep trying these things…But THEY WILL NEVER WORK FOR YOU!

You will never permanently have that lean, thin body you want, until you learn how to first gain subconscious mind control, transform your subconscious mind, and use your subconscious power to think like a lean, thin person.

Your subconscious mind is vital in creating your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. These are what produce your behavior and actions. To change your behavior and actions, you must change your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts. In order to change your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts, your must change your subconscious mind.

In order to become a lean, thin, person, you must decide first to be thin and lean. Have you decided to be thin and lean? If so, and you still find yourself struggling to make it happen, there can only be one explanation. You’ve made a conscious decision to become lean and thin, but you have not made a subconscious decision to do so. In order to permanently become thin, and lean, you have to respond, think, and act like a thin and lean person. You have not been able to do this yet.

You’ve probably set a goal in the past to become thin and lean. You became motivated, came up with a plan, and started to take action. Then, you found yourself struggling every step of the way, fighting to stay on your plan, and fighting to retain your motivation. To make matters worse, you had no clue why this was happening. Why was everything so hard?

The whole problem came from the process of “goal” setting. Goals have an obvious “get there fast” mentality attached to them. The act of setting goals can get you so distracted thinking about your future moment of achievement, that you lose complete touch with the present, and with any actions that must continually be done now in order to reach your moment of achievement.

Your goals can quickly start to feel more like chores rather than anything else. Nobody likes to do chores! Setting goals can also be scary. Many times when you set a goal you feel like you are “locked in’ and that you can not stop, or give up, because then you’ll be a “failure,” or a “quitter.”

Why would someone wish to struggle and fight to achieve something, while constantly dealing with a fear of failing, in order to just to get to some future destination as fast as possible?

Naturally you would start to question the whole idea of doing any of this in the first place, wouldn’t you?

It’s clear that when someone starts to question their reasons for following an action plan, they start to lose that excitement, and the motivation that got them started in the first place. We know that excitement and motivation are two VERY important factors needed in order to achieve anything.

Why does goal setting cause this to happen?

The reason is due to the fact that our goals are formed in, and draw their energy from our CONSCIOUS MIND. This is the rational, logical part of us that “figures things out,” and finds “reasons” that things should be done.. The largest problem with using your conscious mind to set goals is that your conscious Revitaa pro mind relies very heavily on will power in order to get things done…and will power doesn’t last very long.

You can force yourself to set goals, to create action plans, and then try your hardest to stick with them using just your will power. But this is doomed to fail.

The reason why this won’t work, is because you are swimming upstream. You are fighting AGAINST your own life long behavior, and habits.

Your brain has been working many years learning how to do things a certain way. You have daily rituals, habits, a routine. The majority of your behavior, and actions, are pre-set, tracking ahead with where your life is going. All of a sudden, you come along, set a goal, and expect everything to change, and to change permanently. Sorry, but it just doesn’t work this way.

There is only one way that will make permanent changes in your life. Your behavior, habits, and actions, are controlled by the beliefs, thoughts, and emotions that are held in your subconscious mind. If you can change your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions, your behavior will change.

If you can change your beliefs, thoughts, and emotions so that they line up with, and SUPPORT the goals you wish to achieve, then your daily habits, actions, and behavior will naturally fall into place. You’ll quickly and easily start moving toward your “goals” without having to struggle, or deal with any feelings of failure, and doubt. You will never need willpower in order to use any weight loss diet plan, make and continue new healthy eating habits, or create a new thin and lean lifestyle. It all will happen AUTOMATICALLY, forever.

It is well know that hypnotherapy and hypnosis are some of the most powerful tools for accessing and transforming the subconscious mind. These are strong, proven methods and techniques. Many have been tested and used successfully by every culture throughout the world for centuries!

There are currently legions of people using weight loss hypnosis for healthy weight loss, natural weight loss, fast weight loss, and to lose weight permanently.

If so many others are successfully using hypnosis for weight loss, so can you!

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