Ninja Tips to Help You Generate Website Traffic

Need traffic? Of course you do. Almost every website owner would like more visitors to their site. More visitors, means more potential customers which, of course means more money for you and your business buy youtube comments .


However, as any experienced web master will tell you getting traffic, especially traffic that converts well is one of the biggest challenges you will ever face when you run an online business.

However, if you know what you are doing, getting traffic can actually be quite easy. Here are some traffic ninja tips that will help you get more eyeballs to your web pages.

1. Build in good SEO practices from the start. Set yourself up for success by making sure your site is optimized with the search engines in mind. Make sure your site is well laid out, has no broken links and has good H1, H2 and title tags. SEO is a big subject but get these basics right and you should be better off than many of your competitors.
2. Keep building. Good traffic doesn’t come over night but if you invest some time and effort into your website content you will eventually be rewarded over the long term. Getting to the front page of the big search engines will drive much more traffic to your website than short term short cut methods of getting traffic.
3. Tap into the power of social media. Sites like Twitter and Facebook are more popular than ever. Build an online profile and gather followers. These sites enable you to engage directly with your audience (customers) in real time and are amazing sources of quality traffic.
4. Use Video. In recent years, as more people get better computers and faster internet connections, video has really seen an explosion in popularity. Sites like YouTube and Viddler are great places to get loads of visitors from. Just make an interesting video – it doesn’t have to be a Hollywood production – and upload it to as many video sites as you can. Videos that go viral on YouTube can get millions of views and drive insane amounts of traffic to your site. Google also loves YouTube and very often videos can make the front page of the search engine rankings with very little effort.

If lack of traffic is hurting your business but you don’t know where to start, just take a deep breath and concentrate on just one aspect of promoting your business. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap traffic or get involved in short term quick fixes and your business will benefit in the long term.

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