What Is a Jamb Run?

Jamb Ramps is used at trade shows and conferences by many types of businesses. They can be used for temporary exhibit stands, permanent exhibition stands, or used to provide access to a trade show from an area that would not be practical to have a set up of tables and chairs. They can also be used in conjunction with tables, if one is available. The following information will give you an idea of the basic jamb runs and the considerations that you should put into account when using them jamb runs .

What is a Jamb? A Jamb Run is a cube or a modular system consisting of a rectangular base that supports rigid panel walls, supported by corner posts. On some models there is an additional footrest that extends from either side of the modular base. The height of a jamb is usually adjustable. They are available in several different sizes including 24″, 36″ and 48″ dimensions.

What is a Jamb Computer? A Jamb computer is a stand alone computer that has a hinged front panel that supports rigid vertical columns of wood, usually pine or metal, which are arranged in a hexagonal pattern. The wood is fastened to the column by a series of pins. The jamb at expo (entry) and jamb pc expo (portable) are two trade show exhibits featuring modular jamb cbt displays.

What are the benefits? Jamb Cotters offers an attractive solution to display a large number of standard information products. With the help of these colorful displays one can display images, text and graphics quickly and efficiently. They are ideal for trade show exhibits, special events and meetings. Jamb Cotters is portable and lightweight, so they can be easily set up and dismantled to rearrange displays.

How do I know what is in my Jamb Cotter? The primary feature of the Jamb Cotter is that it has a color changing lens. This lens changes colors as you drag the rim from left to right. It is easily set up on the stand or attached to a VTA (Vehicle Transport Attachments). Jamb Cotters can be used for both internal and external exhibits.

Why use Jamb Ramps? Jamb Ramps allows participants in an expo or fair access to all exhibits and other areas in the same area. It is ideal for large group displays, expo displays and corporate events. It also creates a friendly, safe environment that helps employees connect to the company.

What are the advantages of the Jamb Ramps? A Jamb Cotter allows a large group of people to move quickly around an exhibit or stand. It allows a smooth transition between exhibits, allowing visitors to move from exhibit to exhibit. It can be dismantled and stored when not in use, saving on space.

What are some uses for Jamb Ramps? Jamb Ramps is ideal for large indoor events such as conventions and trade shows. They are also ideal for outdoor events such as festivals and fairs. Jamb Ramps can be used for a variety of exhibit placement options, providing the needed continuity between exhibits. They also make for an easy to use and set-up solution during events.

What should I consider when purchasing Jamb Ramps? When purchasing Jamb Ramps, you should always consider the number of participants at the event you will be running the ramp. The number of people who can comfortably stand and walk on each individual ramp will determine the size of Jamb ramp you need. You also need to consider the number of persons who will be able to comfortably and safely exit from one end of the ramp to the other.

What materials are available to purchase Jamb Ramps from? Jamb Ramps can be purchased in a variety of materials including steel, wood, aluminum and plastic. Steel Jamb Ramps is more commonly used at trade shows and expositions due to their durability. Plastic Jamb Ramps is less expensive and easier to assemble. Aluminum ramps are typically used for events with large numbers of participants.

How is Jamb Ramps used? Most events using Jamb Ramps will place them on the outside perimeter of the exhibits where they can be seen by all attendees. Some events use them inside the exhibit to display promotional material or to display information about the organization behind the booth.

What are the safety concerns involved with Jamb Ramps? Most outdoor Jamb Ramps are designed to be temporary and portable. These types of outdoor ramps should be used outdoors when possible and will usually have protective covers over the tops to keep them safe during inclement weather. They are not suitable for indoor events. The cost and difficulty of assembling these ramps make them less suitable for use at events with a large number of participants or where the crowd is likely to be large and erratic.

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