How To Study Math To Get An A-Plus

Math is a subject where any student can get a 100 % score if he/she knows the subject well. Unlike other subjects where the marking is subjective and the examiner has a scope to deduct marks, the marking of math papers is very objective and getting full marks is not difficult all.

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To do well at Math, you need to follow a systematic approach. Everything about Math is well planned and follows well-defined rules. Math is a like a structure created out of building blocks. To understand the higher concepts, the basics must be clear. For example, a student must have the knowledge of solving Quadratic Equations before understanding of Complex Numbers can be gained. Learning Math should therefore follow this pattern, each block flowing into the other go math sixth grade. Once the basic concepts are clarified, further topics are much easier to comprehend.

The reason that a lot of students fear math is precisely this – poor understanding of the basic concepts leading to inability to comprehend further topics. This then becomes a vicious circle of ignorance as further learning is also compromised. It therefore must be ensured that at every step, a complete understanding is gained.

The first step is the learning in the school itself, where the student must clarify his doubts, how-so-ever silly they may seem, before allowing the teacher to proceed ahead. If not clarified, the doubts would linger on, leading to gaps in understanding and a total loss of comprehension may occur after some time. A sincere advise is – do not ever worry as to what other students would think of your ignorance – they are probably in the same state as you are and probably even worse. They would in all likelihood thank you silently for having asked the question and helped them clarify their own basics.

The second step is to get lots of practice till mastery over the subject is achieved. A major reason for the students not doing well in exams, even though they have a good understanding of concepts is the lack of practice. For each topic in math, it is possible to create infinite questions – and the examiners excel at that. To do well, the approach therefore must be to do as many questions as possible on each topic. It must however be remembered that Math can never be done orally or by reading – it must be done with pen and paper and writing down the answers.

To do well, you must study math regularly. Ideally you should devote an hour everyday to math. If this is not feasible, you may work on math problems every alternate day. A study schedule which addressed math at more than two days intervals is not recommended.

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