Scratch Cards Charm Online Gamers Across Generations

Scratch cards have been popular for long now. Holding a card in your hand and scratching the shiny silver layer hiding the numbers is a feeling of exhilaration that almost everyone has experienced, at least once in their lifetimes แทงบอล . The excitement and exhilaration comes from the fact that what the these card hides has the potential to turn you life on its head, give it a sharp 360 degree turn and allow it a complete makeover for good. Everybody wants to be a millionaire with the least effort and peeling a card is an activity that actually allows one the opportunity to become one in just a matter of seconds. Though we consider scratch cards a part of regular everyday life, they were a novelty once, thought up by ingenious minds. Who were they and what is the history of these wonder cards? The two men who are behind the phenomenon known as scratch cards are John Koza and Daniel Bower. Both of them computer scientists, Koza and Bower joined forces in 1973 to come up with the cards we have grown to love.

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The cards that resulted from the Koza-Bower partnership became an overnight sensation in the world of gaming. Very soon, state lotteries, casinos and other such gaming venues incorporated the concept. Ever since, they have ruled the hearts of players across age groups. Though till recently one had to go to a dealer or a shop to pick up a card, things in the world have scratch cards have undergone changes. Now, people can enjoy the same electric rush associated with these cards, albeit from the comfort of their homes. With online scratch cards having made their grand entry in the field of online gaming, these cards have taken their likeability some more notches higher. The chances of winning and the amount of winnings associated have not been affected. If anything, the online version has overtaken even their physical counterpart as far as the big heartedness of the prizes are concerned. So the goods associated haven’t changed, only the online scratch cards have just made online gaming an even better world to be in. The sole difference between these cards then and now lies in the fact that they have gone virtual and sometimes involve playing another online game.

Many online games sites are offering free scratch cards to players and visitors alike, making life even rosier for online gamers. What’s best is, one can win instantly here. Also these cards are associated with big fat jackpots and allow more than one player to win per game. It is likely that people get bored of playing with virtual scratch cards all the time, right? Wrong, because these cards offer variety like very few games are capable of providing. If you thought things have reached their best, read on. Some sites will also offer free cash or cash match bonus once you register with them. So not only do you get a chance to be one of the few lucky online scratch card winners, you get some extra dough to further your luck too!

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