Job Search Can Be Affected by Blogging and Social Networks

Employers have been dismissing employees they found sharing confidential information or making inappropriate comments about the company on blog posts or online social networking sites. Bloggers can put risks to their jobs by posting news, pictures and other related resources about their companies.

Nowadays, blogging and social networks are used by companies to promote and advertise products and services . They have been making blogs and using online social networking sites to strengthen brand image as well as recruiting people they think potential for their business success.

Job search can be greatly affected by a blog, a personal web site or an account on an online networking site. For example, a prospective employer can be thrilled when they knew that a job seeker lied in interviews on a blog. Most employers would also become hesitant to hire applicants they found mentioning on their blogs that they love to hang out all night or become drunk on a regular basis.

Prospective employers can or might read personal information posted on the Internet because of wide accessibility. Some managers may Google people they are interested in knowing more about. People who you do not want to be reading your profile on sites like Twitter and Facebook may be able to access it. So it is of importance to be very careful when posting information online that can be accessed by prospective employers. You can private your account so that your profile can only be accessed by trusted friends or families.

Including only professional and academic information when creating a personal website, especially when it is related to job searching, can be also helpful when unemployed. The site LinkedIn can be used to promote experience by including resume, portfolio and certifications. One thing to remember, never include blogs irrelevant to the career field that you are interviewing for when you decide to put them on resume.

If information on your real identity is appeared on your blogs, web sites or profiles on online social networks, they are people you certainly you do not want to read it may find it. Not only your supervisors and managers, but also your former colleagues, teammates or even customers.

When looking for your desired job, a blog dedicated to career building and job searching can be helpful and can give you more exposure. But then again, always keep in mind the people who might read it before blogging because anything that is online can be accessible.

There are some ways on how to blog safely. You can blog anonymously or make your blogs become not accessible. You can also limit the number of people who can access the blogs you posted on the Internet. In addition, you can focus your blog, specifically when currently employed, on topics that your company will not kick you out for writing about.

Forex blogs can add considerable value to your Forex trading. Good Forex blogs offer free and paid educational information, current news about the Forex market and events occurring in it, new product launches and creates a forum to add comments to Forex subjects added to blog.

When using a Forex blog you need to make sure that the blog is current and active. This is quickly done by looking at the date of the last post and the number of meaningful comments. The blog archives will also give you an idea of the blogs age and the number of posts made every month.

Often Forex blogs are merely marketing opportunities for its owner. These blog pages are covered with marketing banners, pay per click advertising and the posts are merely favourable product reviews with affiliate links. If you are in shopping mode these blog pages can supply you with new ideas for new currency trading techniques and systems. The value of these currency trading blogs depends on your needs at the time so do not be too quick to disregard them.

The most value to be obtained from a blog is its content which should provide high quality Forex articles about forex trading topics. These topics should be clearly indexed and easy to find. They should provide sound information and advice and add value to all Forex traders. Many posting can open your mind to different and new trading approaches that you never knew about.

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