Maximize Your Las Vegas Vacation: Your Guide to Having Your Hotel Room Comped in Sin City

Have you ever wondered, “How do I get comped in Las Vegas”? Well, if you have seen the movie Vegas Vacation then you know how easy it was for Mr. Nick Papageorgio. The reality is that one hot roll on the craps table will not get you an instant upgrade to the Presidential Suite. Like anything else in Las Vegas nowadays, a little planning goes a long way. The hotels in Las Vegas are certainly willing to comp rooms, food and entertainment for those who meet their criteria and know how to present themselves. There are a few keys to receiving these benefits that everyone who is interested in getting comps in Sin City should keep in mind.

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It all starts with the planning of your Las Vegas vacation. Having a VIP host or a casino host is an absolute must situs qq online terpercaya . These are the people who hold the key to the city and they can be extremely helpful in assisting you to receive the benefits you deserve. Search for a Las Vegas VIP Services company online to find an independent casino VIP host for the widest variety of options, or, contact the hotel that you desire to stay at directly and ask for a casino host. Once you introduce yourself to your host they will get the process started, explaining to you the criteria necessary for receiving various comps and sharing with you any current promotions, casino rates or special offers.

It is not only the “high rollers” that get comped in Las Vegas. You may be surprised at the comps available to lower level players, both on slot machines and table games. The casinos use a number of factors in determining what comps a player earns, however, net win or loss is not the highest on the list.

The two key factors in determining how much a guest gets comped are hours played and average bet. The casino uses these criteria to determine a player’s “theoretical” win or loss, and based on this number they will decide if they can issue you a small comp for dining all the way up to a full “RFB” (room, food and beverage). Slow and steady wins the race; the more time you spend playing, the more you receive in comps.

In order to have the casino track your play it is necessary that you sign up for a players card and use it every time you play. Each casino has their own players card program and it is strongly recommended that you sign up at every casino you visit. Usually, the casino will offer great bonuses just for signing up and they market appropriately, only sending pertinent offers via mail or email. Slot machines and video poker machines allow you to insert your players card directly into the machine while table games require that you present the card to the deal who will in turn notify the pit boss to track your play.

In terms of dollar amounts there are various comps available for players of all levels. Slot players can earn rewards based on playing quarters over a period of 4-6 hours per day for 2-3 days and probably earn enough for a comped dinner or $100 off their final room bill. The same level of comps applies to table game players who play an average of $15 per hand for the same amount of time. As the average bet increases and the total time of play increases, then so to do the comps. A table game player who bets an average of $50 per hand and plays 4-6 hours per day for 2-3 days could get their room fully comped, depending on the property they are staying at the how busy it is.

This is where it all goes back to your VIP host and planning ahead. Your host will let you know what the criteria is for the hotel you want to stay at and the time of year you’re planning on staying there. A full room comp can be pre-arranged if you plan ahead and you know that you will be playing to the level that is outlined to you by your host. It is all about choosing the right hotel and casino for your level of play.

For those interested in getting a comped suite in Las Vegas, this is something that should always be pre-arranged. Often times, the suites on the Las Vegas Strip are only available to casino players how are receiving them as a comp. That’s right, some hotels do not even offer the suites at retail to paying guests. They have to keep them available just in case a casino player happens to come into the casino.

The level of play to get a suite on the Las Vegas Strip is generally higher than your casual player. Total bankroll is taken into account and a general starting point would be a gambling bankroll of $10,000. Players of this level often open lines of credit with the casino and based on this line of credit the player will be given an option of suites available for them. This is something that you will certainly want to arrange in advance and you will see how your host really rolls out the red carpet for you.

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