MBA in Retail Management

The last few years have seen a boom in retail trade in India, which is seen as a result of perceptible increase in disposable income of the Indian middle class. The size of the retailing industry in India is around Rs 9,30,000 crore – out of which organized retailing industry is about Rs.35,000 crore, contributing about 4% of the total industry. According to reports growth of the retail sector is expected to be around 7% for India in coming 10 years MBA .

Retail environment requires professionals with new skills, efficiency and capability to learn, to compete and to think beyond the box. A specialization module in retail would give the students a comprehensive exposure to the retail business world.

Earlier if a student wanted to do his MBA in Retail then he could apply only to certain colleges but today pursuing an MBA Degree that too with specialization in Retail Management is available to the students in all MBA Colleges. This course is in the top list as a specialization in the MBA arena, especially after the increased growth in retail industry, which today is one of the biggest trading industries in the country.

Today Retail management is your step to a stable career and a bright future. This MBA program trains students for specialized and proficient employment in the retail industry. A person having done MBA in Retail should possess strong decision making skills especially in terms of pricing and promotions, staffing and much more. MBA in Retail Management course is carried out by many Top B Schools and universities. These MBA Colleges teach students the ideology of retail and merchandise; it prepares the students with skills to face the challenges of the new age.

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