Ball Impact on a Club Face Could Give You Much Information to Your Problem

I would like to discuss today how a ball impact creates tremendous slices or hooks according to your actual swing. Every time you miss your sweet spot (the center of handicap permit the club face) by 1/2 inch to the left or the right, you are losing 7% distance of what you should normally obtain. Moreover, every time your club face open more than 1 degree, you are also losing 7 yards to the left or the right again.

Have you ever thought, when professionals golfers teach you or try to teach golf lessons, they do not realize that, it took 20-25 and even 30 years to become professionals!. They all want you to learn this within 5 or 6 hours.You know I have lot of respect for them, because most of them have sacrificed theirs lives to become professionals. However most of golfers play between 5-10 games per year and they are not ready to invest that time and effort that professionals did. All they want is to only have fun with theirs friends and drive straight in the fairway to reduce their handicap as much as possible.

Today, new technology has permit golfers to increase distance, precision and quality for amateur’s golfers. However, sometimes golfers have to come back to basics and realize that they simply don’t need all theses techniques to improve their game. All they need is to stop thinking, visualize the result and make simple changes, just basics changes that could tremendously increase their confidence in their game, which on a long term will decrease their handicap. This is just a simple question of logic.

The New Hampshire International Speedway is located in Loudon, just one hour north of Boston. It is one of the newer tracks in the U.S. opening in 1990. The Speedway is the first super-speedway to be constructed since 1969 with a 1mile oval track and a 1.6 mile road course. Events draw in over 500,000 fans each season.

The Speedway offers a variety of events to please all race fans Events include; Road Motorcycle Race Series, U.S. Classic Racing, World Karting Association, various SCCA Club events, NASCAR and USAC events. Throughout the year the track also hosts Sprints, Midgets and Silver Crown events. Ticket prices vary according to the event with adult 1-day passes starting at $30.00.

There is on site camping sites available for RV’s and self-contained campers. There are three camping sites available; the General Lot is open to anyone, a Handicap Lot which requires a handicap parking permit, and the Family Lot offers longer “Quiet Hours”. Spaces are $100.00 if reserved in advance of the new season and $125.00 after the season kicks off. Race day tickets must be purchased before entering the park area. The Speedway also offers the Magic Mile Club hospitality package. Benefits include; Breakfast, lunch, beverage service, souvenir race program, limited edition souvenir, entertainment and infield walking tour. You must purchase your Grandstand ticket separately. Club membership is determined each season.

Race fans love the phrase “Gentlemen, start your engines” and love the feel of engines roaring. At one of the three Racing Schools located at the Speedway, race fans can experience the thrill for themselves. The Richard Petty Driving Experience offers defensive driving courses, ride-a-longs and several driving experiences. Each package includes professional instruction and training with prices starting at $399.00. The Racing School offers you the chance to sit behind the wheel of a Nextel race car. Their packages start at $199.00 for the driving experience or a ride-a-long for as little as $59.00.

The Penguin Road Racing School offers training and instruction to help you become more secure and confident on your sport bike. You’ll come away with knowledge and experience that will give you more control and better precision whether you race or just cruise the streets. Their certification program gives you entrance to many events closed to street riders and make you eligible for advance road racing courses. Racing runs deep in New Hampshire and the NH International Speedway offers something for every race fan.

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