Oakland Raiders’ 2012 NFL Draft Analysis

third Round (#95) OT Tony Bergstrom, Utah

fourth Round (#129) OLB Miles Burris, San Diego State

fifth Round (#158) DE Jack Crawford, Penn State

fifth Round (#168) WR Juron Criner, 44-40 ammo 

sixth Round (#189) DE Christo Bilukidi, Georgia State

seventh Round (#230) OLB Nathan Stupar, Penn State

Investigation of Notable Selections:

Tony Bergstrom: The Raiders have another training staff that will carry out a zone-impeding plan. Oakland is average at watch mostly on the grounds that their best inside hostile lineman, Stefen Wisniewski, will be moved to focus. Bergstrom was a sturdy and strong right tackle in school. He needs power, however has the versatility and football IQ to execute in Oakland’s new obstructing plan. The previous Ute needs to acquire some strength, yet he was a good pick by the Raiders.

Miles Burris: Oakland added a decent football player who was useful in school, however might be a stage delayed to begin in the NFL. Burris worked on consistently in school and plays hard. How well he holds-up in pass inclusion will go quite far in deciding if Burris can begin in the aces. He figures to be a center extraordinary groups entertainer. Burris was a respectable pass rusher in school, yet his normal burst and restricted collection of moves could block him at next level. The Raiders need a huge load of help on safeguard and the expansion of an extreme linebacker who can basically be a component in extraordinary groups appeared to be legit in the fourth round.

Jack Crawford: The previous Penn State cautious end has a decent casing and plays hard. His creation was normal in school and he misses the mark on exceptional quality (size, speed, snappiness, power or senses) to his game. Crawford can give profundity at cautious finish to Oakland.

Juron Criner: This was one of the better third day choices in the 2012 NFL draft. The Silver and Black could utilize a major belonging collector to assist with making all the difference for drives. Criner has sweet hands and succeeds at getting the ball in rush hour gridlock. He likewise is a stupendous end zone target. He has a little Cris Carter in him, as all he appears to do is get score passes! Criner sneaked through the draft incompletely as a result of his unremarkable speed. Be that as it may, he plays quicker than he times and speed isn’t the main way for a beneficiary to get open. Carson Palmer will get a kick out of the chance to toss the ball to this youngster. Criner will be where he should be on a course and catch the football. Juron Criner could be a fifth round jewel for the Raiders.

2012 NFL Draft Grade: B-

Primary concern: The Raiders new head supervisor, Reggie McKenzie, didn’t have a lot to work with in his most memorable draft. Oakland exchanged away their first, second and third round picks preceding him assuming responsibility. Nonetheless, McKenzie helped out work thinking about the ammunition (or deficiency in that department) that he had. Oakland might have tracked down a take in Juron Criner. The group included some assistance the hostile line (Tony Bergstrom) that accommodates their plan. Oakland added no effect protectors to a unit that permitted 27 focuses per game, 34 score passes and 5.1 yards per convey last season. A few profundity and unique groups help was found on safeguard, however quite a lot more was required. Oakland is focused on working through the draft and logical won’t exchange away high draft picks from now on. It likewise looks good that a significant number of Oakland’s picks were players that had great creation and football plainly was vital to them. Circumstances are different in Oakland and it will be intriguing to see what Reggie McKenzie and his staff can do in the draft room when they have high-round determinations.

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